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    About Bayit Bakfar

    Bayit Bakfar is the leading assisted living provider in Israel. With over 25 years of experience.

    To date, the chain has over 1,000 satisfied residents. Its five homes are spread across the country in locations that combine the quality of life of the village alongside easy access to nearby city centers.

    Like others who have chosen to live in one of Bayit Bakfar’s centers, we know that you want something more than assisted living. You’re looking for a place that offers a new experience, a different outlook on life. A place where you can continue to lead an active, vital and happy life.

    In each of Bayit Bakfar’s assisted living centers, we offer various activities and services that embody the best in assisted living.

    Our Services

    In each of Bayit Bakfar’s homes, we offer a variety of activities and services that embody the best in assisted living.

    Restaurant and Cafés

    Restaurant and Cafés

    Our restaurants and cafés boast authentic delicacies in a variety of flavors. As part of Bayit Bakfar’s concept, meals in restaurants are a delicious and pleasant sensory experience that combine a healthy diet and culinary experiences.

    Maintenance Services

    When moving to Bayit Bakfar, you no longer have to worry about tasks related to maintaining the apartment and public areas. Our skilled maintenance team performs all upkeep tasks for our residents efficiently and quickly.

    Social and Cultural Activities

    Cultural and leisure activities are of great importance in our residents' day-to-day lives. Our cultural halls are among the best and most beautiful in the country and constitute a hostel for staging top-of-the line shows and conferences with the participation of the best Israeli artists.

    A Rich Private Library

    All Bayit Bakfar homes have rich libraries that combine up-to-date literature in different languages. Reference books, philosophy books, and more. The libraries are designed to allow both for meetings and for quiet and private reading.

    Resident Welfare Services

    We operate a dedicated set of workers, headed by a social worker, whose job it is to ensure that each of our residents gets the most out of what the home has to offer. Our welfare system assists the residents in their various struggles. Our services provide solutions and support to our residents.

    Shuttle Services

    At Bayit Bakfar we operate a shuttle service. This makes the life of our residents simpler. They have access to a shuttle that transports them for errands or to meet with family and friends.

    Medical Supervision 24/7

    At Bayit Bakfar, there is an advanced medical system that includes a skilled team of attending physicians, nurses and medical secretarial services. We implement a preventive medicine program online and treat problems, if there are any, when they are still small.

    Hair Salon

    Bayit Bakfar’s homes have hairdressers for women and men who provide haircuts, hairstyles, beauty treatments, pedicures and manicures.

    Sports & Fitness Facilities

    The sports centers of Bayit Bakfar are equipped with various facilities that include: a pool, a gym, a wide variety of studio classes, and a custom regimen of classes and facilities adapted for the elderly. Dry and wet saunas, spas and more.

    Swimming Pool

    In each of Bayit Bakfar’s homes, the residents enjoy an indoor heated pool suitable for all weathers.


    We hold a variety of coordinated events and parties. The most emotional events are our residents’ senior weddings, which they hold either with us or in event halls in the area. 


    A unique culinary menu that offers gourmet food based on a healthy, nutritious, rich and healthy diet.

    Our preventive medicine program whose role is to enable a better quality of life with a minimum of medical dealings.

    Our Staff - We select employees according to their desire to provide service to adults and their commitment to our core values: integrity, humanity and excellence.

    Our team

    Our Team
    Since its inception, Bayit Bakfar has set high standards of service, care and personal approach to each of its residents in each of its centers. Bayit Bakfar leads the way in the field of assisted living due to its professional approach to the field, the work procedures that enable the response to any need of any tenant at any time, and the unique employee training program.

    All of these form a solid foundation for the realization of Bayit Bakfar’s Vision:

    We work daily to provide our residents with a warm and well-maintained environment - an environment full of substance, meaning and excellence in service. An environment in which everyone's needs are met with integrity and professionalism.

    Humanity and Excellence

    Bayit Bakfar established a different approach to the field of assisted living, an approach which fundamentally is not just about the beauty of our well-designed and luxurious residential centers.

    We lead with a different approach in the field; we know that concern for the well-being of our residents is not only conveyed in the establishment of our recreational center, or in providing enjoyment and quality service. 

    We recognize the ever-changing needs of our residents and are adept at  providing not only the most pleasant service, but also the most professional. From maintaining a preventative medicine system to designing the building as one that allows not only recreation and enjoyment but also effective medical care, we ensure the utmost care for our residents.

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