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    The leading assisted living facilities in Israel

    Bayit Bakfar is the leading chain of assisted living facilities in Israel with over 25 years of experience. Currently, over 1,000 satisfied residents live in five homes spread across the country in some prime locations which combine the benefits of country living with easy access to nearby city centers.

    Just like everyone who chooses to live at one of the Bayit Bakfar facilities, we know that you are looking for something more than assisted living. You’re looking for a place that offers a new experience and a different outlook on life. A place where you can continue to lead an active, vital and happy life, in a luxurious, relaxed atmosphere and a supportive environment. Each of the Bayit Bakfar centers offers a variety of leisure and entertainment activities along with advanced medical services. They set the bar of being the best provider in the assisted living sector and have set a new standard in the field. We invite you and your family to come and take a look at the facilities and get to know us better.

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    Bayit Bakfar Homes

    Bayit Bakfar, the leading assisted living provider in Israel, has five meticulous homes with a common goal. They were built with love and with the goal of serving, supporting and accommodating every person who wants to enjoy life more. We invite you to come visit, take a look around and choose your next home for your assisted living needs.

    • Bayit Bakfar Gedera

      Deep in the heart of the picturesque city of Gedera, at the top of a magical hill that boasts a spectacular view adorned with eucalyptus groves and green fields, lies the assisted living home of Bayit Bakfar Gedera

    • Bayit Bakfar Kfar Saba

      Bayit Bakfar Kfar Saba is located next to spectacular orchards, surrounded by a well-kept and spacious garden. This is an assisted living home characterized by the personal attention and warmth it provides to its residents alongside innovative design

    • Bayit Bakfar Hadarim

      The assisted living home of Bayit Bakfar in Hadarim is located in the heart of a green, quiet and quality neighborhood in Kfar Saba, but equally close to the bustling center of the city

    • Bayit Bakfar Bitan Aharon

      Adjacent to the Nahal Alexander Reserve, in the Hefer Valley, on a green hill overlooking open fields, only a few minutes drive from the beach and the center of Netanya, lies the assisted living home of Bayit Bakfar Bitan Aharon

    • Bayit Bakfar Hof Kinneret

      Bayit Bakfar Hof Kinneret is a unique assisted living home - a residential village for people aged 65+ in the heart of a pastoral nature reserve on the shores of the Sea of Galilee

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    We are pleased to present you with the digital issue of “Bayit Bakfar, the Good Life Magazine.” The magazine opens a window into the lives of our residents.

    Our assisted living facility provides a tapestry of humanity, including people from all different walks of life who are experiencing this shared journey, with all of the joys and challenges that it entails.

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